Back view
Back view

Formal space
Formal space

This view is from the back in the lounge area. The projector screens slide out like doors to allow people through.




Magnifying Small Spaces | Fall 2018


I designed a marketable pontoon boat for a community or business on the lake. We were given a space of 12' x 8' x 28' to create the interior space and 2' clearance for walkways. Underneath the boat would be two pontoons and a motor; this project required us to consider aspects of balance, steering controls, and feasibility requirements.

COmmunity function:

Formal event venues. Ventura offers a modular and intimate location for formal events in scenic settings. It is an open space for celebration and up to the users' determination for how they want to decorate and customize the boat. The variety of possibilities for events include weddings, birthday parties, exhibition shows, and cultural gatherings.

Executive summary:

With its foundation in modularity and
customizability, ventura offers a more unique and intimate venue for any special occasions. Capacity may be limited to 18 passengers, but ventura ensures comfortablity with various options of seating, dining availability, and restroom accomodations. The gavel roof creates more space when it’s lifted by hydraulics for use. Tables and seating are able to flip down or up to create space for various uses. An optional, yet immersive addition are two projection screens, able to be slid open and closed. As a floating venue, ventura fulfills passenger purposes for celebration amongst beautiful scenery, perfect for memorable photos and relaxing environments. Ventura is fundamentally an exhibitory space - for the recognition of something precious.


West Elevation


Top Section with Screens


East Elevation

North Elevation with Screens Separated


South Elevation with Screens Together


For Ventura, I was initially inspired by weddings, which would later evolve into formal events or exhibition spaces. The time to design this community boat was much shorter and had less time for in depth ideation and prototyping. While making the boat, I was limited by a specific shape I wanted to include, but failed to realize how difficult it would be to design. The design process made me completely scrap the idea and start over. Now, I'm satisfied with Ventura but can still see improvement through the technical issues.