Recreated welcome area
Recreated welcome area

Recreated terrace
Recreated terrace

Recreated exemplar
Recreated exemplar

Recreated welcome area
Recreated welcome area


healing aberdeen

design graphics and visualization | spring 2018

my contributions:
  • recreated the floorplans and sections in AutoCAD and photoshop

  • photoshopped the renderings of the terrace, group area, and welcome space

  • used Vray and material editor on the Sketchup model to produce realistic renderings

  • co-created the 3D model


We discovered an excellent piece of modern architecture and replicated it into a 3D model. Floorplans were first created in AutoCAD to be modeled in Sketchup. Vray and Adobe Photoshop were used to create realistic renderings of Maggie’s Aberdeen. A 24x36 illustration board was prepared to present the exemplar. 

maggie's aberdeen:

Snohetta’s freestanding pavilion provides free care to cancer patients through great architecture. The soft edges of the concrete exterior envelop the whole center and sculpt the main spaces where patients can socialize. Meanwhile, the intimate timber interiors accommodate for individual privacy and consultation. Inspired by a shell, the curve creates an open interior while providing a safe, humanizing environment. Maggie’s Aberdeen proves architecture’s critical role in caring for a happier, healthier patient.

Partner: Priscilla Tsang

project 3_kan_tsang.jpg

Floorplan | Second Floor

project 3 lower floorplan no gray_edited

Floorplan | First Floor

North Section

West Section


During the process of recreating Maggie's Aberdeen, my technical skills in Sketchup and Vray rendering were especially challenged due to the building's difficult shape. As a result, experimentation with modeling, lighting,  and materials produced our final product; however, I believe there are still improvements to be made in making our replica more realistic. With AutoCAD, I sharpened my technical skills and explored different ways of presenting information with Photoshop and Indesign. Overall, the project increased my proficiency in visualization software. Working with my partner on this project encouraged more productivity and efficiency.