Rectangular skylight
Rectangular skylight


Overhead view | East
Overhead view | East

Sleeping quarters are stowed away. The skylights are double sided mirrors, so they become reflective when viewed from the outside

Rectangular skylight
Rectangular skylight



Magnifying Small Spaces | Fall 2018


I designed an individual, marketable pontoon boat for camping on the lake. We were given a space of 12' x 8' x 28' to create the interior space and 2' clearance for walkways. Underneath the boat would be two pontoons and a motor; this project required us to consider aspects of balance, steering controls, and feasibility requirements.

target group:

Families and explorers. gazer is inspired off of the inherent curiosity for nature. It focuses on immersing the typical camping experience into a setting that is more comfortable and intimate. An average family of four to five could fit into gazer's multiple sleeping options, while involving children in activities on the boat as well.

Executive summary:

Embark on gazer for an adventure inspired by the
natural environment of camping. The solar panel on top can be moved with mechanical maneuvers to reveal a large glass skylight. A fold down ladder is pulled down to climb to the top, for a place to rest and comfortably observe from the bird’s nest. Fit for a family, couple, or curious onlooker, gazer
immerses its audience in beautiful scenery.

g_elevation right.png

West Elevation

Top Section with Closed Panels

East Elevation

North Elevation

South Elevation

Note: The glass on the ceiling is a two sided mirror, in which the people can see through the window from the inside. However, to account for privacy, people can't see from the outside through the window.


gazer was a challenge in which my initial ideation for ideas was limited. I took my idea of movable solar panels and transitioned it to reflect the curiosity of an explorer or stargazer. Project-wise, most of the energy was spent on the individual boat (gazer) so we held faculty critiques. I found the critiques especially helpful in solidifying my ideas. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product of gazer but still believe there is more potential for feasibility.