anato sustainable

skincare startup

Remote Intern | Summer 2018

company brief:

ANATO is a sustainable skincare startup that prides itself on ingredients sourced from organic, fair trade, regenerative farms and zero waste packaging. The company goes beyond advertising for their products on social media by hoping to educate their followers on sustainability. The CEO Celine Jennison performs DIY workshops so consumers understand how their products are made and how to make them at home. ANATO approaches sustainability with a circular systems design in all aspects of business and production.

my contributions:
  • designed flyers and business cards for advertising at local events

  • edited photos for the website

  • designed icons for the Instagram account

  • designed the labels on product packaging and optimized efficiency in the packaging system

  • researched topics on regenerative agriculture and plastic waste to educate the public through hand-drawn infographics

  • assisted in branding the startup through social media

creative work | craft show flyer and business cards:
[Original size] Craft Show Flyer_Page_1.
[Original size] Craft Show Flyer_Page_2.
business cards.jpg
business cards2.jpg
creative work | instagram highlight icons:
anato icons.JPG


Sea | Surf


Zero Waste

Outdoor Lifestyle

These Instagram highlight icons utilize ANATO's signature orange color and leaf to personalize and unify their branding. Each icon was hand-drawn on Illustrator and Photoshop.

creative work | infographics:
creative work | packaging labels:

Labels for ANATO skincare reflect the minimalist and natural earthy aesthetic of its products. I created labels for 18 products, most of which required a wrap around, sleeve, or card design. ANATO’s products include three different types of sustainable packaging: recyclable/compostable, reusable, or no packaging at all to minimize plastic waste. The wrap around labels are held together by a strip of natural latex glue. Since ANATO is still at the beginning stages of the startup phase, all the labels are printed, hand cut, and attached without an official manufacturer. The layout of product labels for printing had to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. For more product photos, visit 

fragrant voyager new front.jpg
deodorant back new JPG.jpg
wild wolves detox new jpg.jpg
wild wolves detox new backjpg.jpg

Product labels (front and back) formatted for print

fragrant voyagerjpg_Page_1_edited.jpg
fragrant voyagerjpg_Page_2_edited.jpg
wild wolves detox new front3 page_Page_1
wild wolves detox new front3 page_Page_2

Printed labels cut and pasted onto products


Note: The pages are not oriented correctly to reflect print, but to be easily read. The "Wild Wolves Deodorizer" utilizes the sleeve design, which accounts for the necessary rubber band to seal the container. The product photos listed on the bottom and on the company website have old labels without finalized revisions.

microplastic plankton magnet.jpg

Microplastics caption (for Instagram): Plastics disintegrate into smaller particles, microplastics. The large surface area of these tiny particles acts as a magnet for toxins (toxic chemicals like PCBs and DDTs—chemicals linked to endocrine disruption and even cancer). Scientists have found that plankton ingest these microplastics, which leads to bioaccumulation as we move up the food chain.

Instagram infographics.png

Permaculture caption (for Instagram): ANATO is a proud supporter of regenerative agriculture and zero waste gardens! Chickens are a great addition to small or large designs. We have taken into consideration cover crops, companion planting,  and suitable plant pairings for free-range chickens. Feel free to explore outside of these options and let us know what’s in your zero waste garden!


My experience at ANATO as a full-time, remote intern was educational, in both sustainability awareness and personal development. Communication from both parties was especially important in optimizing my work quality and efficiency. For a week in July, I had to opportunity to work in Santa Cruz, CA in person and felt more fulfilled. For improvements, I wish I could have made more infographics to be used for educational purposes.