ABOUT ME | background:

My name is Julia Kan. I’m a first-generation student at Cornell University from Chino Hills, CA pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Design and Environmental Analysis and a minor in Computer Science. I’ve grown up in a suburban Chinese household my entire life and keep my culture very close to heart. The symbol I created for myself is composed of my initials, JK, and my Chinese name (“gan”) in between.


Since second grade, I’ve been blessed with art classes that sparked my passion for design. However, I have transitioned into developing a more practical and functional mindset when approaching design processes. 

my interests:

I mainly plan on pursuing environmental design in educational or healthcare settings, virtual or physical, with a focus in technological innovation and psychological behavior. I wish to design for underrepresented communities and create an impact on people’s lives, either through innovation or modification. My love for design is in its abilities to combine beauty with the ordinary and to integrate itself by subtle means.

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I am currently studying abroad at the Singapore Management University! I will not be able to accept international calls, but please feel free to email me. 

Address | 4031 Golden Terrace Lane

               Chino Hills, California 91709

Email | jk2577@cornell.edu

LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-kan-118496160/


Phone Number | 1 (909) 525-8863