A Gift box:

It’s not exactly a gift. But as the “succulent girl”, giver of succulent arrangements, the “Gift” Box is meant to be cherished by my friends and family. Whether it’s for celebrations, bad days, or random days, this hardy plant cheers people up. My take on the human spirit is simply curiosity. The concealed gift inside: a spark of interest. The lock: a puzzle challenging the recipient’s problem solving ability. And, immersed in a hydroponic setting, the succulents: a reflection of strength, innovation, and revitalization.

nesting bridge:

The nesting bridge is inspired by the asymmetry of nature and wave forms. Aesthetically, the bridge looks like a bird's nest, with an overlook underneath. Built on a 1 inch to 3 foot scale, the bridge is designated for passageway across small rivers or streams in natural environments. The nesting bridge functions as a reflection of its environment: complicated, yet serene. Functionally, the bridge model was able to carry the weight of a large brick due to supportive compression and tension forces.